"Professional Firefighters - Providing Volunteer Services"

In-House Training

Wednesday, 23rd                                            CPR                                                              Custer Ambulance Service

Wednesday, 13th                                            Hose bed Repacking
Wednesday, 27th                                            SCBA Confidence Course

Monday 4th – Sunday 10th                              Mid-Winter Muster                               Check Training Board for Class Listings
Wednesday, 13th                                             Ice Rescue
Wednesday, 27th                                     Hospital Visit, Hydrant Locations, Fire Department Connection, Mechanical Room

Saturday, 6th   0800                                        Pack Test
Wednesday, 10th   1830                                  RT-130 Wildland Refresher
Tuesday, April 16th   0600 - 1600                   Freshman Impact
Wednesday, 24th                                             Extrication

Saturday, 4th   0800                                        Pack Test
Wednesday, 8th                                               Fire Attack – Hand lines & Blitz Fire
Wednesday, 22nd                                            Hybrid Vehicles

Wednesday, 12th                                             Drafting Wildland Preparedness
Wednesday, 26th                                             EVOC

                                      Training times are at 1900 hrs. or as noted and will run 2-3 hours.
                         Weather will not cancel training, but there may be unplanned changes to the schedule.
                 If an Instructor cannot facilitate training, it is their responsibility to find a replacement instructor