In-House Training

2019 - Custer / Fall River RT-130 Wildland Refresher Schedule

All times are tentative. If you plan on attending at a department other than your own please contact that department, or the SDWF Hot Springs Field Office (605.745.5820 ext. 2 or 3) to confirm times.


March, 21st: Folsom/Fairburn at Folsom FD 1800hrs.

March, 27th: Edgemont at Edgemont FD 1800hrs.

April 3rd: Battle Creek Fire Protection District at Hayward Station 1800hrs.

April 4th: Argyle at Argyle FD 1800hrs.

April 10th: Custer at Custer FD 1830hrs.

April 23rd: Hot Springs at Hot Springs FD 1800hrs.

April 24th: Pringle at Pringle FD 1800hrs.

May 2nd: Custer Highlands at Elk Mountain School 1830hrs.

"Professional Firefighters - Providing Volunteer Services"


Wednesday, 27th                                     Hospital Visit, Hydrant Locations, Fire Department Connection, Mechanical Room

Saturday, 6th   0800                                        Pack Test
Wednesday, 10th   1830                                  RT-130 Wildland Refresher
Tuesday, April 16th   0600 - 1600                   Freshman Impact
Wednesday, 24th                                             Extrication

Saturday, 4th   0800                                        Pack Test
Wednesday, 8th                                               Fire Attack – Hand lines & Blitz Fire
Wednesday, 22nd                                            Hybrid Vehicles

Wednesday, 12th                                             Drafting Wildland Preparedness
Wednesday, 26th                                             EVOC

                                      Training times are at 1900 hrs. or as noted and will run 2-3 hours.
                         Weather will not cancel training, but there may be unplanned changes to the schedule.
                 If an Instructor cannot facilitate training, it is their responsibility to find a replacement instructor