You clear the snow from your driveway, you clear the snow from your sidewalk...but there's one thing you may be forgetting to clear.

Custer Volunteer Fire Department is asking you to take a minute to clear the snow from around the fire hydrants on your block.  The hydrants are placed close to roads so they are easy for fire trucks to reach.  That also makes them susceptible to being buried by snow plows.

You aren't legally responsible to dig out a fire hydrant in front of your house.  However if its not clear and a fire breaks out then firefighters will have to spend their time digging instead of extinguishing flames.

"Professional Firefighters - Providing Volunteer Services"

After five days and 54,000+ acres the Legion Lake Fire is coming to and end.  Saturday evening, the Rocky Mountain Type 2 Blue Team transitioned the fire back to a Local Type 3 management team.  The fire is approximately 90% contained.

Custer Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for structure fire response to all structures within the boundaries of Custer State Park.  Custer Engine #2 and Tender #6 were on scene with in minutes of the initial fire report.  They initially provided protection to the cabins behind the Legion Lake Lodge.  The crew reported this as some of the most dangerous conditions they have ever encountered.  They later moved to the Badger Clark Road Area and than moved to the Blue Bell Lodge area where they spend most of the week.  Engine #4 and Brush #3 also assisted Monday. 

We would like to Thank Pringle and Argyle Fire Departments and the other Custer County Fire Departments for Assisting.  Also thanks to Jerome Harvey - Pennington County Fire Administrator and Pennington County Fire Departments for their assistance, and the other departments and agencies that assisted, I do not know all that assisted but your assistance is very much appreciated. 

Joel Behlings

Fire Chief


Legion Lake Fire - Custer State Park

Started Monday December 11, 2017

As of the Evening of Thursday December 14, 2017 Fire is Approximately 53,000 Acres

Fire Burned 40,000 Acres the night of Tuesday December 12th